Impacts of the Kidneys on longevity, fertility and wellbeing

In Chinese Medicine, the Kidneys have a fundamental role in maintaining longevity, wellbeing and reproduction. In this article, I explain in detail what roles the Kidneys are responsible for, signs and symptoms and causes of weak Kidneys, and the importance of healthy Kidneys in fertility. Click here to read more.

What is Liver Qi stagnation?

In Western Medicine, the Liver has a crucial role in metabolising drugs and detoxifying chemicals. Similarly to TCM, the Liver is responsible for processing toxins, but also has other important tasks to support the whole body. As an acupuncturist, I tend to look out for signs of Liver disorder, otherwise known as Liver Qi Stagnation. Click here to read further.

Digestive health from a Chinese Medicine perspective

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Spleen, which is akin to the digestive system in western medicine, plays a crucial role in maintaining and supporting our overall health. In this article, I explain in more detail about the roles and responsibilities of the Spleen and the potential health risks of when this organ is in distress.

An Integrative Perspective on Sleep

Chinese Medicine is all about diagnosing and treating the body using a holistic approach, which is why one of the key aspects I focus on in my consultations is sleep. In this article, I integrate my knowledge and expertise in Chinese Medicine and research results found in systematic reviews to help you understand the important role of sleep on our health and wellbeing. Click here to read more.

3 Tips for Getting Pregnant Naturally

In my treatment room, many women have come through the door sharing their frustration of being unable to fall pregnant naturally. Some of my patients were unsure about certain facts and assumptions of natural conception. There appeared to be a common confusion around this, including when the best time to have sex was, and so this article discusses three main topics: timing, lubrication and frequency.